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Company registration in Lithuania

Lithuania is an economic powerhouse and the biggest of the Baltic States making it one of the best places to own a company in northeastern Europe.
The country has successfully attracted significant inflows of FDI because of its stable economy, low inflation, low labor costs, quality standard of living, advanced infrastructures, and a liberal business environment.
One of the most important factors that make Lithuania one of the best places to start a company is because it has the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU. Best of all, registration or acquisition of companies is very fast, simple, and pocket-friendly.
Since many people are bilingual and fluent in the English language, Russian, French, and Polish, you will not face any language barrier when completing your application in this European country.
This guide contains everything you should know if you plan to register a company in Lithuania. If you have any misunderstanding or need help fast-tracking your registration, you can reach out to us and we gladly assist you every step of the way.

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Our company has many years of experience in registering a company in Lithuania. We provide advice, help with collecting the necessary documents, and we undertake all obligations for your business. 

The Centre of Registers is affiliated to the European Business Register and controlled by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. It is the central institution of administration and oversees the operations of the Register of Legal Entities, Real Property Register and Cadastre, and the Address Register.
All foreign investors that intend to open a company or enter into a partnership with a Lithuanian company must first complete the requirements stated by The Centre of Registers before starting their company if they want the corporation to be legally recognized.

Private Limited Liability Company

Private Limited Liability Company is the most common legal form in Lithuania. PLLC is suitable for almost all commercial needs.

Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company has a very similar structure as a Limited Liability company. AB stocks (shares) may be the subject of public trade.

Branch office

The purpose of the branch office is to satisfy customer needs for face-to-face interaction. The Branch office can consist of a single individual or It can be staffed.

Holding company

Holding Company is registered to hold the outstanding stock of other businesses. The purpose of this type of company is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group.


Businesses in Lithuania are required by law to do accounting for their company.


If you need other corporate solution, feel free to contact us.


Bank account

Investors that want to start a company in this European country must have a corporate bank account since the share capital generated by the business must be deposited into their corporate account before the business registration is complete.

Legal name registration

One of the most important steps to complete when setting up a corporation in this Baltic state is registering your business name. Reservation of company name is compulsory when completing your incorporation online registration.
You have to confirm if the name that you have chosen is still available at the Public Institution Register Centre. If the name is available, then you can make a reservation; the name will be reserved for 6 months.
When you are ready, you can submit your application (form JAR-5) to acquire the name at the Register of Legal Entities. Checking name availability is free of charge, and the reservation costs €18.

Legal address

Before your business can be incorporated in Lithuania, you must declare your company’s legal address when filing your application. This means that without a physical address for your company, your business will not be incorporated.
Lucky for you, we also provide registration address and office spaces for private limited liability companies and other legal entities. You can send a message to us and get a quote.
If you already have an office in Lithuania, then you can go ahead to complete the incorporation process for your company.


Registering a company in this European country is super simple and stress-free. It’s no wonder why Lithuania was ranked as the 11th in the 2020 Ease of Doing Business Report.
You can complete the entire process online as long as all your documents are in place. Here’s a simple step by step guide on how to register your business in this Baltic State.

1) Prepare articles of association, founding act, and founding agreement;

2) Reserve a temporary company name (if you don’t have one);

3) Obtain an accumulative bank account;

4) Transfer share capital to the company’s accumulative account;

5) Notarize the founding documents at any registered notary’s office;

6) Register your company in the Register of Legal Entities;

7) Convert your company’s accumulative bank account into a settlement account;

8) Obtain a confirmed electronic signature.

Before your corporation can be registered in Lithuania, you’ll have to submit the following documents for review.

  • Information on the company executives and the board members
  • The legal address of the company in Lithuania
  • Articles of Association
  • Act of Establishment
  • Establishers Decision
  • Information on the Bank preferences
  • Certificate from a Lithuanian bank that proves that the initial share capital has been paid.

Depending on the type of company you are registering, you will spend anywhere between €2,500 and €40,000. The most popular type of corporation in the country is a limited liability company [UAB].

The minimum share capital required to set up a limited liability company in Lithuania is €2500. This is an upfront fee that must be paid before the company is registered with the register of legal entities.

The state fee for registering a UAB is around €540. The cost of notary fees varies but is usually between €110 and €260. If the company is incorporated by a legal person, you’ll have to pay extra for translation services.

The entire registration process takes about 3 working days from the submission of your company’s documents to local authorities.


Outsource accountant for your business in the republic of Lithuania.

Business environment in Lithuania

The business environment in this EU country is perfect for SMEs and other small startups. A lot of strategies have also been implemented by the government to promote investments and innovations in different branches of economics.
This EU state is among the top 20 most profitable free economies on Earth, 11th on the World Bank’s ease of starting a business report, and the second-best country in Europe in terms of index of investment attractiveness.
Lithuania also ranked as the best country in Eastern and Central Europe for the quality of education in mathematics and natural sciences. The country is also popular for highly developed biotechnologies and laser production.
This EU state also boasts of the fastest public wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) on Earth and a very fast internet broadband connection. So you see, by opening a company in Lithuania, you are taking your brand to another level and offering your customers the highest standards of business conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions on Company Registration

There are some of the most popular questions asked by people planning on setting up a company in Lithuania.

No, there’s no restriction or limit placed on foreigners that want to establish or purchase a company in the country. You get the same rights and the same procedures enjoyed by citizens of Lithuania.

No, you can get a friend or hire an agent to complete the entire registration process.

A foreigner who has a business in Lithuania must have a visa and work permit if he/she is a citizen of a non-EU state. Your travel visa and permit would allow you to live and work in the country for up to 90 days.

Lithuania was formally known as the Soviet Silicon Valley because of the reputation of its workforce in innovation and productivity. Lithuania’s workforce is generally young, productive, well educated, and labor costs in this state are among the lowest in Europe.

Our company formation team is always here to assist you and provide all the data you need to kick start your business in Lithuania. We urge you to contact us if you want to register a company in Lithuania in the easiest and fastest way legally available.

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